I am interested in attitudes to ageing


I am interested in  attitudes to ageing, the ageing process and the care of those who have specific needs as they age. I find many people work with generalised stereotypes which  take no account of differing personalities, education, background, achievements (current as well as past) and dismiss those, however old, who have stories to tell and  wisdom to impart.  Those who are aged are but younger people who have lived longer than others.

What follows may well seem to be disjointed as I find differing things to reflect on but all will have some reference to age and partly because I am  a  priest in the Church of England  there will scriptural food for thought.I believe in a spiritual dimension to living and dying which needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. There will moments of reflection often drawn from the Psalms. Above all I believe that we are all held in the hands of a loving God who wishes us to experience love both human and divine and wants us to be fulfilled. One day I may wish to  write something more formal with this as its basis. That remains to be seen.

Much of what is written will be drawn from my own experience. Where this is obvious and explicit, names will be changed but the substance will be true. All opinions are my own unless acknowledged in the text. I  am over retirement age so have something of a vested interest in the subject so read it if you will and if you wish to contribute to my thinking please do so.

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